Omma & Ukko: Magical Neurotic Combat Game

A powerful wizard Ukko and his helpful little familiar Omma are having a very mundane mana ritual, when one of the magical potions breaks down and things go horribly awry with a huge explosion. And to make things worse, all kinds of magical monsters start appearing and want to have the delicious mana for themselves. The goal of the game is to fight back using your magical powers. Take control of Ukko, by harnessing the power of Perception Neuron motion capture sensors and cast spells with your own movements!
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Take control
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Noitomocap Perception Neuron Mocap-suit
Installation Instructions: 

Extract .zip file and execute Omma&ukko.exe. Game uses Perception Neuron Mocap-system for controls in "localhost" address (check BHV output to 7001) but it´s possible to feed pre-recorded animation data into it by downloading AXIS NEURON-software by Noitomocap. To utilize Axis Neuron Wifi connection is not needed but Axis Neuron has to be sending out BHV-data in this specific port 7001 (found on AxisNeuron settings). If it doesn´t first work relaunch Unity and re-launch axis and try again with the right port configurations.

  In-game use spacebar to begin after titlemenu appears and use CTRL/JoypadFire1 to spawn enemies manually.

  Casting Spells with Perception Neuron:

 -Cast a magical orb by extending your arms expanding the spell and then hitting the orb with your hands (aim with your hip direction)

-Draw a magical sword from your leftside by putting both hands to your left waist and the extend the sword extending your hands distance.




Teemu Nikkarinen - Code, game design
Sampsa Kuha - Code, game design
Sakari Parkkonen - Code, game design
Lauri Heikkinen - 3D graphics
Kalle Sievänen - 2D graphics, game design
Jukka Asiala - 2D graphics
Adam Al- Sawad - Music and sounds

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