Penguins are a peaceful community driven by habits, eat fish, throw fish, dive to fish fishes, eat fish... Each penguin performs a ritual of a turn on itself, before eating or before diving. For all his life, if he made a turn on itself before eating, he won’t do so before diving. But, life can be very short because, a terrorist, hidden among them, is throwing explosives fishes all over the floe. The specy is doomed to disappear! Find and eliminate the terrorist penguin. You have only one attempt. Do not kill an innocent penguin! To unmask the dissident penguin, you have to appeal to the senses of observation and deduction. Clues about the terrorist: throws explosives fishes, never achieves any ritual, and never eats his own fish. Good luck ! Control: Move the cursor to the edges, left and right of the screen allows you to turn around the floe. Wheel: Zoom in / Zoom out. Left click: Shoot your single bullet. Right click: Mark / Unmark a penguin. (You can use it at will. However, marks disappear when a penguin dives).
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

The Zip archive contains the PCWin, Mac and Linux builds.

Just unzip the archive and run main files.



Global Game Jam 2016

Project manager
Frédéric Sommer (www.lecortex.com)

Game designer/graphic artist
Johan Spielmann (www.lecortex.com)

Vincent Studer
Pierre Bourré
Antoine Doussaud
Siqun Pan

Sound designer/Compositor
George Abitbol (https://soundcloud.com/george_abitbol-1)