Not in this life

You die, and die, and die again, untill you find a way to die forever. You are cursed by a evil ritual that makes you inmortal, after seeing all your love ones die before your eyes, you decide its time to go, for good.
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No retreat, no surrender!
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Phaser + HTML5
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How to Play?

Move with Left and Rigth Arrows
Jump with Up Arrow

Shot with Ctrl

Write with Keyboard and press Enter:

Fire - Make Fire Type Attack
Plant - Make Plant Type Attack
Rock - Make Rock Type Attack


Jon Li Yeng Briceño - Game Designer / sound and FX

Luis Valdivia Humareda - Programmer

Piero Barbieri - Programmer

Rodrigo Ballon - Game Designer / Programmer

Pilar Milla - Artist

Shirley Cjahua Ramirez - Artist

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