My First Ritual

You play as a boy, and your father just told you to clean the dishes. You don't want to do this, so you check your computer to find info about how to avoid said task. During the search you discover a page explaining how to summon spirits that possesses objects, and you decide to try this out against your father. You move with A and D. Pick up items with E. Open and close Inventory with I. Up/down stairs with W/S. Open computer with E, close with Esc. Open pentagram with E, click on items in the inventory to place them on it. You don't have to place them on the pentagram in the correct order, you just have to place the correct 5 items anywhere on it. Navigate through scenes (cheating) with the following keys: G - Main game, H - Game over screen, J - Victory bathroom, K - Victory livingroom, L - Victory hobby room
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used Unity to build and create our game.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the files to be able to run via Unity. Open the Unity Launcher, choose "OPEN" and choose the folder you just extracted the files into. 


Synnøve Areklett Garmann for animations.

Siri Maria Jensen for animations and art.

Sunniva Lee Paulsen for art.

Truls Håkedal Mathisen for assisting Sunniva.

Joakim Pakkala for music and sound.

Ida Berg for leveldesign.

Lars Hagen and John Olav Haraldstad for programming.

Bård Harald Røssehaug for programming and building the level.

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