Monkey King Taichi

The Year of Monkey in China. Hope this game bring you good luck.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Mechanic about Synchronous & Reverse-Action

 [ Instructions ]:

Arrow-key: control "MonkeyKing" and his doppelganger at the same time

P-Key: Restart




Avoid these Red-Charms 

Bounce the Gold-Elixir to destory the Eight-Diagram'Tactics.


"One should not run after two horses at the same time?"
Find the Key About Balance.

Hope you have fun



Designer: Jack Lee  、Chuang Li 、Haibo Wang、Mr.HitMan  、Zhuohang Yi、 woym

Programmer : Chuang Li、 Mr.HitMan 、Haibo Wang 、woym

Music&Audio Effect: Jack Lee 

Anim&Art: T


Special Thanks to SATOSHI TAKEBE(武部聡志)

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