Mission: Imp-Possible

For this theme about "Rituals", play as the product of a ritual as you control an imp familiar summoned by a wizard in danger. Help your wizard master reach the end of the ruins (and out of the monster's jaws!) by solving puzzles and unlocking doors. As an added bonus, a subset of our team also created an "unofficial" Game Jam game called 'Thurifer'. It's a hypertext adventure about completing a ritual. You can play in your browser by going to this link: http://umsl.edu/~eadnqf/PlayThurifer/ThurHome.html ('Thurifer' is unofficial because we couldn't find a way to upload more than one game per team. "Imp Mission" is our official GGJ 2016 game and should be treated as such. 'Thurifer' was just some extra fun.)
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
"Mission Imp-Possible" was developed using HaxeFlixl. 'Thurifer' was developed using Twine.

Production Management

  • Tim I. Hely

Concept & Design

  • Tim Hely
  • Emma Daues
  • T. C. Painter
  • Vicky Hedgecock

Graphics & Art

  • Vicky Hedgecock
  • T. C. Painter
  • Laray Mcgee


  • Tim Hely
  • Emma Daues

Music & SFX

  • Sarah Wahoff
  • Andy Garces

Resident FlyGuy

  • Jévion White
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