Mayan Fest (W.I.P)

You are the ceremonial master at this Mayan Fest. The Gods ask for blood, human sacrifices are due! Follow the priest human descriptions and slaughter them! (This is a Work In Progress, post-mortem will follow) Explaination : -First it's a memory game, the priest show you 5 characters, memories them. -Second step you now have to pick 5 people by clicking on them. -Third step you have to line them in the correct order. If you match them, you get 100 pts. When you're done, click on the altar. -Last step is the execution and it's not finished... but you can click on the heads and watch just for fun (yay! ...)
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MS Windows
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Unzip & execute nw.exe

  • Meako June W. Soulère : Art

  • Maxime Faudemer : Level Design

  • Christopher Chung-Rattanakosonh : Game Design & Code

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