The Martyr Princess

1000 years ago, heretics and cultists force their way into sacred ruins that house the most spiritual and mystical alignments of the land. They cast their evil rituals at the holy altars to summon dark spirits upon the righteous world. At first only lesser dark spirits come forth, but after some time, the most powerful demons spew out upon the land at a terrifying rate. The kingdom is overrun and the last bastion of hope puts up a valiant last stand, however all the holy templars, clerics and priests are unable to stop the swell of darkness that washes upon them. All manner of demons begin breaking down the doors to the throne room as the remaining saints use their most powerful relics to send the pure hearted holy princess back in time to stop the dark rituals and seal the rifts. She is the kingdoms last hope. A shining beacon, cutting a path to the future.
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To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows
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