The Man Code (Code de Conduite)

Tired of being one hell of a lame guy near your relatives? Learn to live everyday as a classy gentleman ! Thanks to Tom Selleck (any resemblance to real and actual names is purely coincidental), try to impress around you with random videos of situations that give you instructive tips to survive in the mean world that is life ! You can also create you own advice using the MCG™ (Man Code Generator) and thus teach to other weirdos the real way of life once your training is complete ! Be a male, go full-scale.
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A Local Game for Local People
Crowd Sourced
One hand tied behind my back
Companion screen
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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React & Firebase

Flavien Auffret - @FlavienAuffret (Capemol)

François Eoche - @feoche

Alexis Launay - @YoruNoHikage

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