The game is a mix between Magicka and Spaceteam, very inspired by this later. Indeed, as with Spaceteam, the goal of the game is to achieve a maximum auditive chaos ^_^ It is a cooperative game, where you are, with your friends, a team of mages. You have to cast spells to fight your foes, and only some spells can hurt a given ennemy. To cast a spell, you have to send each arcane symbols in the proper order, as written in the bestiary (where for a given creature, the appropriate spell is given) ...but there is a twist: your bestiary does NOT contain your spells, but the spells of your teamates. And thus, you are obliged to quickly communicate together outside of the video game, by whisping/telling/YELLING the commands to your teamates
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One hand tied behind my back
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Based on Phaser (
Installation Instructions: 


You have to install the game on a web server supporting PHP.

The MagicTeam/Server/storage/ directory has to be writable by the server.

Go to the MagicTeam/Client/ page to see available games or start a new one (please note that you need 2 or 3 players, on different devices, to start the game)


Purge the content of the MagicTeam/Server/storage directory in case of problems.

The game is playable on both PC (mainly tested on Chrome) and mobile devices (mainly tested on Safari iPhone), but the keys are a bit harder to press on mobile : you will have an excuse if your team fails beacause of you ;) Jokes aside, I'll see later to implement a native version on iOS



Team members

  • Gizmhail (aka Sébastien Poivre) - dev
  • Fryderyk expert - sound design and music
  • With the great help, support, play tests, and advices of all GGJ Rennes jammers, thank you all !!!

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