Lua is about a celestial creature named the Seeker. The Seeker is responsible for the different phases of the Moon and keeping it in orbit around the Earth. The games different levels are based on a Wicca poem about the new moon rites. The different phrases give the player a hint as to what the levels entail and the player must acquire and use different masks with different powers to complete the puzzles in a ritual to change the phases of the Moon.
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Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Substance Painter Autodesk Maya Adobe Creative Suite Soundminer Headus UV Layout Pixologic zBrush Advanced Skeleton 4 Garage Band

Chana Peaker- Animation/Rigging/Concept Art (Environment)

Neal Krupa- Modeling/Texturing/Materials

Amanda Kessler- Concept Art (Character)/Modeling/Textures/Sound/Blueprint Matinees

Brett Moore- Blueprint Scripting/Sound FX/Set Dressing

Jon Gilboa- Level Design/Story Concepting/Set Dressing/Project Management

Aly Hopper- Concept Art (Character)/Character Modeling

Zachary Rodriguez- Level Design/Blueprint Scripting

Michael Doukas- Programming/UI Design

Jason Thomas- Modeling/Set Dressing

Steffi Walthall- Modeling/Texturing/Set Dressing/ Project Management/Blueprint Matinee