Liars Colors

A bluffing card game. The Goal is to lose all of your cards. Each round players bet on what the amount of color there is totally in play(the cards in hands). If you call anyones bluff, you lose a cards If someone calls a bet they think is a bluff but it's true, the better lose a card. The colors are from (lowest to highest) red-yellow-green-blue-pink. You can only bet up-wards. if someone bet 3 Yellow, you can bet 3 Green, but not three Red, but you can bet 4 Red. The one who lost the bet, starts the next round. You put the color that was called, in a stack(You have 1 stack for each color). The one who won the bet, gets -1 card. The one who lost the bet, gets a S-card(a S-card is a card that are worth two colors.) you can only carry one S-card.
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