Try to fulfill Mavutsinim's ritual in this colorful puzzle game! Mavutsinim, realizes that he was alone in the world. The Nature’s Master of life and death rituals. He planted the men at the center of his abode. The rotted wood came to life, by the beauty, the weep and the sorrow. He taught everyone about nature, The rituals of life, death and revive. But one man’s greed Took (away) the right of return to life for all. Ayanure returns from his hunting, And realizes that he was alone, as Mavutsinim in the beginning. And exactly like his Creator To revive his tribe Ayanure will do the ritual of ... …. .. . . . . Kuarup
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Android device, Microsoft Windows Phone
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Unity (any product)

Designer: Rafael Lima

Developers: Adriano Gil, Bruno Araújo, Germano Assis, Marcus Brandt

Global Game Jam 2016

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