KhouKhouLia Vs KouKouLia

this game about 3 strange planet ... The KouKoulia has a KouKoulism religion, in their religion they must just be happy ... the other two planet (KhouKhoulism & ShabaHolism ) are jealous to them and want to destroy KouKoulia ... You must help them to save their planet and their happiness.... A/S/D/W(Up/Down/Right/Left) + left Mouse Click have Fun
Jam year: 
Comic Book Colours
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Our Little Team :

1- AliReza Seddighi

2-Reza Rahnama

3-Farhad Chalabi

4- Milad Ghadirian


Thanks to our Jam Site Organizers, Mr Mohsen Saadat

and Mr Abbas Moslemi..

My dear friends :

Kamran Khorasani and Hamid Asadi


Thank to Our Parent for support us <3

Game Stills: