A local multiplayer game about chickens and metal concerts. And death. And brutality and violence. But mostly about chickens. One player is one of the chickens. Another player is metal-dude. His goal is to capture the chicken-player and kill him in as short time as it's possible. Than the role swapping is occurs, at second round. Metal-player becomes a chicken, and chicken-player becomes metal. After two rounds the player's time are compared. The winner is this one who achieved the shortest time. (Hint for metal: Collect points by killing chickens. You can use "recognition" action by spending 100 points) Controlls: Pads only! Left Thumbstick - movement X Button - attack B Button - action
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A Local Game for Local People
What made that sound?
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Łukasz Cywiński - music, sound and animation

Krzysztof Skoracki - programming

Marta Ziółkowska - programming and art

Krzysztof Lewicki - art


Special thanks to Marek Rutkowski and Monika Stec

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