Jelangkoong : Nightmare

Simple horror game, with attitude education inside. This game is about a ritual from Indonesia, it's called "Jelangkung". This ritual is used to call a ghost. In this game, there are 5 best friend that going to camp on a mountain. One of them feel very boring because always do samething every they met. One of them, freddy, offer to play jelangkung. Freddy is a naughty boy. And when play the jalangkung, freddy to much say impolite words that make the ghost angry, then the ghost took freddy to his world. We as freddy's friend need to save him. There are 5 step to make the ghost give freddy back. The ghost are very polite, so we must polite too. The steps such as: 1. Greeting phase, you need too use polite word for greeting like, "Good Night", "Hello", etc 2.
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A Local Game for Local People
Companion screen
MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)
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