Intervention is an assymetrical card game for two players: a 'depressed' player and a 'caregiver' player. The game is played on a series of cards representing the daily ritual (routine) of the depressed player. The depressed player adds problem cards adjacent to other problem cards on their daily ritual; problems fall under the categories of 'restlessness', 'isolation', '(substance) abuse', 'work', 'anger'. The goal of the depressed player is to play a 'clinical' depression card and thus 'win' the game; to do this, they have to have 3 or more cards of a specific type in their routine, and have the clinical depression card in their hand; for instance, they can play the 'relationship ends' if there are 3 or more isolation cards in the routine. The caregiver does not add cards to the routine, but can replace existing problem cards with alternatives: for instance, they can replace a 'restlessness' card with the 'make some tea' card. These cards do not count towards the 'clinical' depression cards, and can block players from being able to add more problems (since adding problems have adjacency requirements, e.g. restlessness cards can only be placed adjacent to a restlessness card). Moreover, caregivers have 'intervention' interrupt cards, which allow them to cancel a card played by the depressed player. The caregiver takes the problem card they replace or interrupt to their hand, and thus need to discard their hand often, picking up new (beneficial) cards from their deck to replace the collected problem cards. The caregiver wins when there are no problem cards in the ritual. The game is best played with narration of the cards being played. The cards have short hints (i.e. title, drawings) which can be elaborated and connected to the ongoing routine through the players' storytelling. Moreover, the game can be personalized with blank cards where depressed and caregiver players alike can discuss hypothetical or real problems & solutions.
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