Inferno Fight

Fight for your clan, and the god’s just may be appeased. Inferno Fight is a two player side scrolling fighting game. The players compete to force the each other off the fighting arena. Whoever loses twice is sacrificed. Players are able to use various types of attacks to stun or knock back their opponent. Engine: We are using Unity 5 as the base engine. Art: Paint Tools Sai is where we are creating our art assets. We are going with a cartoon art style. Audio: Sound and music is recorded and created in Logic Pro X. Design is integrated through Fmod Studio and the Unity Fmod Plug-in. Music and sound is interactive. The music will change based on how the fight progresses. Sounds will dynamically change based on how the player approaches fighting. Lore:10,000 years ago on the Animal Archipelago, the animal clans lived together in harmony. That all changed when the Canine Clan and the Feline Clan joined together to lay claim of the all the bounties the land had to offer. With their strength combined they ruled all the animals with an iron fist. Under such dominance the other clans cried out to the gods begging for relief from the tyranny. In response, the gods spit the clans, and dispersed their talents. The Canine Clan, now honorable and powerful; the Feline Clan, now cunning and swift. The gods also required a sacrifice of the strongest warrior each generation. Every four years, all the animal clans held a tournament to find that warrior.
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What made that sound?
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We are also using Fmod Studio for Audio integration.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the executable file. Unzip the executable file wherever you would like on your computer. Double click the executable to run, selection your resolution to play. ESC quits the game.



Jonathan Kostka-Programmer

Lon Porter-Programmer

Michael Crutcher-Artist

Garrett McPherson-Composer/Sound designer


Unity 5 © Unity Technologies

Fmod Studio © Firelight Technologies

Music and Sound Effects © Fearsome Sound & Music

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