Hyperdimensional SynthX Pro

Chanting portals and space monsters! A game about a coming of age ritual using a Launchpad Pro MIDI controller. You must open the portal by hitting beats in time, and then defeat the space beast!
Jam year: 
Comic Book Colours
Take control
One hand tied behind my back
Companion screen
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
We did not come in with an engine. We used the Web MIDI API and Web Audio API and wrote our own engine around it. The game requires the latest version of Chrome (doesn't work on Firefox as of yet) We use the Web MIDI API to communicate with the Launchpad Pro and display lights and detect button presses and other things. Sounds are generated in real time using the Web Audio API.
Installation Instructions: 

Requires node to compile, will run in a browser.

Needs a Launchpad Pro. :)



Robert Clipsham & Daniel Callander


Scott Goodwin

Source files: