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this is a ritual game for killing chinese zombie by using amulet, and the amulet is writing some Hong Kong rent news and Hong Kong people wish And this is some description of that news and wish at chinese and english: 我要買到樓 I want to buy a house in Hong Kong Having an own house is a dream of Hongkongers. Hong Kong property prices are incredible high, makes impossiable to buy one. 689 下台 689 Step down 689 is the symbol of Leung Chun Ying of the Hong Kong Chief Executive, people want he to step down since his poor performance in term of office. 我要真普選 I want true universal suffrage. “I want true universal suffrage.” is the core values and slogan of the Umbrella Movement. Universal suffrage is the first step to democracy, a wish of most of Hong Konger. 還我五條友 (Waan Ngo Ng Tiu Jau) the Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo and his four associates had Missing at HK, and the information show that they were brought back to mainland because of they selling banned book. So HK people want the 5 people back to home 港人要RELAX (Kong yan yiu Relax) Hong kong is a busy city, everyone is become crazy for the hong kong lifestyle. Some of the people make a wish HK people can more relax.
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