Hex Ritual

Turn based quest RPG adventure. Clash between the Dark and Light forces. Strong team play and strategy game.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Paper, plastic, 6 based dice
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Rules to play “Hex Ritual”

General Information

The game begins with 2 team, who start the game on the two opposing sides of the map. The maximum number number for players for each team is 3. Once the teams are assembled, a member from each team roll a dice in order to choose the “Light” or the “Dark” side

Depending on the choice made leaning on the "Dark" or the "Light" side, each team member needs to choose 3 heroes from total of 6 available heroes, also the player takes 3 magical cards from the magical cards deck.  


Setting up turns of players


In order to set the order of turns for the players, each member of a team needs to roll a dice. The player with the highest received value is a first, followed by the next highest value and so forth. It's important that, once the turns inside the team are set, the player, who has the last turn, needs to switch one of his heroes for the "Anarchist" hero, who is needed for team, in order to make the sacred ritual at the end of the game. After the internal turns of a team are ready, the first players from each team needs to roll the dice in order to determine, whose team will be first, again the team with the highest score is first.      

The first player of the team starts, followed by the first player of the opposing team. After this goes the second and third team members, following the same logic.

    On a single turn each player can go to a selected single field, he or she is not allowed to skip fields in his or her turn. The target is to perform "The ritual of the six sacred cards". The team able to perform the ritual wins the game.                       

On their way to the victory, when a player voluntarily step on a shrine field on the map, he or she takes a magical card from the magic deck. In case the player is forced to move to this field, he or she doesn't take magical card. Please note that a player can possess maximum number of 10 magical cards.  

The heroes

In the world of Hex Ritual there are 13 different heroes. Each hero has a specific set of physical and magical powers. A hero can be a Fighter class or a Caster class. Depending on their class the set of magic and physical powers is different.


Magical Cards


The types of magic in Hex Ritual are divided into 3 different kinds: offensive, defensive and support:

- Offensive magic are supposed to harm on an enemy player through his or her journey on the map.

- Defensive magic aims to neutralize an enemy magic attack. .

- The support magic can be used mainly to help the player successfully pass a dangerous encounter.

Each player can have a maximum number of 10 magical cards

Type of magic cards


Offensive cards



"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" Adds physical and magical points to the already existent points of a monster encounter. The exact value of points added is measured by rolling the dice for each stat.



"Brace yourself, the winter is coming" Freezes the enemy for his or her turn


"Go to the previous field" Makes the enemy opponent automatically to go one step back and lose his or her turn

"One does not simply enter this field" Makes an impenetrable wall on a selected field

"Fog" Makes the enemy opponent moves to a random direction of the map selected by rolling the dice

1 North

2 North West

3 South West

4 South

5 South East

6 North East


Defensive cards



"Those are not the droids you are looking for" Removes any bonus points magically added to the stats of an encounter


"I like it when it's hot" Neutralize any freeze magic applied

"I feel like running" stops any force attempts to move you back

"Breached walls" the player can choose to destroy any wall applied on a field


Support magic


"Teleport" the player doesn't need to fight a monster summoned by encounter card

"Growing up" Reduce magical and physical power stats of a monster summoned by encounter. The exact value to be reduced is measured by throwing the dice for each stat

"Haste" gives one additional move on a field to the player

“Holy water” kills undead monsters

“Magic lamp” take 3 magical cards and choose the one which most suits your needs, the other 2 needs to be returned to the magical deck of cards and shuffle the deck

“Holy Smite” kills demons



Movement on the map



On his or her turn the player follows this order of actions:

- chooses a field on which to step, without skipping any fields

- on a regular field take an encounter card, on shrine field takes magical card, sacred field, takes a sacred ritual card

- when stepping on a regular field, the player needs to survive the encounter by using his or her heroes, use a support magical card or just follow the encounter instructions

- if the player needs to fight with a monster, he or she needs to use a hero who has better magical or power stats than the opposing creature.

- in case the player is beaten by the monster he or she encounters, the player needs to return on the field, from which he made his or her move.

- once the player is about to end his turn, he or she can use an offensive magic card. Effects of the card are taken by the next player, who is about to take turn from the opposing team.


Getting through and encounter


The encounter on a regular field is determined by the encounter card instructions. In case the encounter doesn't involve meeting with a monster, the player needs to follow the instructions. Otherwise in case of meeting a monster, the player needs to look at his physical and magical stats. In order to beat it, the player needs to choose a hero from his squad, who either has a higher physical or magical points*.

*The points can be increased by using a support magic card

In case the player doesn't have a hero with higher physical or magical powers, the player needs to choose a hero and if this hero will try to use magical or physical powers to fight back. Afterwards the player needs to roll the dice and add its score to the selected power, if the total sum of the selected power is higher than the monster the player encounters, than the hero is able to successfully fight back and beat the monster. Otherwise the player is not able to pass the encounter and needs to go to the field, from which he or she arrived.

After an encounter with a monster, the hero who opposed it, needs to rest from the battle and is unavailable for the next turn of the player. The hero card needs to be separated from the active hero cards.

Winning the game

In order to win the game a team needs to perform "The ritual of the six sacred cards".    

For this the 6 sacred cards needs to be collected from the sacred fields, the player gets a single sacred card. A sacred field contains only one sacred card and afterwards doesn't provide any more sacred cards. The ritual can be performed only by the player who has the "Anarchist" hero and also has the 6 sacred cards in his or her possession. For this reason players can transfer sacred cards to each other, only and when they are on one and the same "path" of the map.

The first team with a player holding the "Anarchist" hero, who has also the 6 sacred cards in his or her possession can perform "The ritual of the six sacred cards" and therefore wins the game.  



Hex Ritual Game Credits

Concept Art and Digital Art

Plamena Radneva, Vesko Donov


Game Play / Card descriptions / Text

Samuil Gospodinov, Vassil Marchev, Stanislav Kumanov, Nayden


Field design and field mechanic

Samuil Gospodinov


Apha and Beta Testers:

Ani Krivova

Game Stills: