Happy R.I.P. Friends

* * * * Best Gameplay Award of GGJHK 2016 * * * * "Happy R.I.P. Friends" is a cooperative game in which 4 players try to help Boss-Reaper become healthy again by performing an ancient ritual. * * * * Each player control one of the cornerstones located at the corners of the screen, each cornerstone has its own color. To start the ritual, press and hold the runes on the cornerstone until the rune blocks being generated in the center of the screen. Players complete the ritual within the time limit by clearing all the rune blocks appear on the outermost magic circle. Each rune block has its own color, and players whose cornerstone is in the same color of the blocks has to press the corresponding runes on their cornerstone to clear the blocks. * * * * Turn on the sound and using tablet for the best experience. * * * * (Play it now: https://goo.gl/05hCyk).
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No retreat, no surrender!
Android device, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Animator: Andy Lee, Jason Chan

Artist: Daniel Tsoi, Eric Chan

Developers: Andy Lee, Eric Chan, Isaiah Tsoi, Jason Chan

Game Designer/PM: Daniel Tsoi


Special thanks to Kenneth Wong for the support!

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