Grim Ritual

Very grim, fast and crazy ;) Our grave digger playing with their work!
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Comic Book Colours
Story Mode
LEGO got it right
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Technology Notes: 
Game for 8bit Atari Computers like 400, 800, XL and XE. You need real hardware or an emulator but it is not recommended ! (fast animation). Written in Action! amazing, very fast language available only for 8-bit Atari. Tools: "Helpme" (Atari), "Edytor Duszków (ED ver.1,7)" (Atari), "Photoshop" (Mac), "GIMP" (PC), "Altirra" (PC), "RMT" (PC), "Far" (PC), "Firefox" (PC and Mac). World is partly procedurally generated (in an external tool, created on GGJ).
Installation Instructions: 

Attach ATR file to Your SIO device or Disk Drive in Your emulator. Reboot Atari and play;)


Idea: Tomasz Cieślewicz
Code: Tomasz Cieślewicz
Graphics: Cherryl
Additional graphics: Tomasz Cieślewicz

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