Grey, Green, Red Hands

In 20XX, the Earth is on the verge of environmental collapse due to the climate change. Meanwhile, a council formed by the owners of the world's biggest oil companies (OIL) is meeting to seal the planet's fate for good. Their goal is using the remaining resources to create the last city with clean air just for themselves and their servants, while distracting the media with lies and promises. However, hope has not completely banished. The Ecologic Liberation Group (ELG) has managed to kidnap OIL's most recent member: Mister Don Winters. Taken advantage of this, the ELG has created a doppelganger of him in the form of a cyborg. That cyborg is you. Using an Invasive Interrogation Device (IID) inserted into Winter's brain, your mission will be extracting enough information to infiltrate into the secret meeting without raising suspicions. However, we know that Mr. Winters is under surveillance and, as a he suffers OCD, any details that can aid you to reproduce his personal rituals will be crucial for the mission. Do not trust anyone, any could be an undercover enemy. However, be fast, the IID decomposes the brain of its user really fast. In any case, feel free to execute the subject hen you are done. Good luck, the future of the planet lies in your hands.
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Carlos L. Hernando - Game Designer and Writer

Felipe Cabezón Hernández - Concept Artist, 3D Character Artist and Rigger

Jaime Jurado Pérez - 3D Environment Artist

Luis Quintana - Programmer

Marcos Stival - Programmer

Antoni Torregrosa Povedano - Programmer

Daniel Núñez Martín - Music Composer