Flying Spaghetti Monster vs. Cthulu

A 2D top-down multiplayer tower defense game. You are a cult leader in one of the sides and you have only one task: to summon your Deity. Unfortunately your summoning grounds are located in the nemesis territory. You mercilessly sacrifice unworthy cultists to achieve victory and summon the Deity who will rule the world and has promised that you`ll be his second. Fueled by the power of faith, you build the defenses necessary to stop the rival infidels from summoning their unworthy, filthy and imaginary Deity in your territory. All hail Cthulhu or Flying Spaghetti Monster!
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Android device
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Unity (any product)
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Copy the apk file on your android device and install it. Use the app icon to launch the game!



Jāzeps Rutkis

Dainis Silamiķelis

Emīls Kantāns

Toms Dreiže


Helmuts Medinieks

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