Fireballs and Evil Magic

You play a dark sorcerer on a quest for limitless power! You begin performing an evil ritual over and over in order to channel dark power. This eventually attracts the attention of the heavens who send angelic warriors to stop you. Fortunately, your dark ritual summons forth runes of power from the earth which can blast the enemy with fireballs, but they require constant attention and support in order to defend the ritual altar, you must channel your power into the runes as well as the ritual! The game is a pseudo-tower defense that divides the player's attention between channeling the dark ritual, and channeling upgrades to the surrounding towers that will defend you. Upgrading towers increases their damage, but they will steadily decay over time, and require constant management. Channel the ritual to gain power, repair the altar and unlock more towers, channel towers to strengthen your defense. The 5th tower is a special blue tower, that does not attack but increases the attack speed of all your towers the further it is upgraded!
Jam year: 
Story Mode
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Pad and strong hands recommended! Keyboard works too.
Use left stick to move and input the ritual instructions shown on screen to summon power and create towers. Move to the towers in order to upgrade them!

PRO TIP: Upgrade towers a lot! It costs nothing =)

Just unzip somewhere and run the EXE!


Team YoYo
Shaun Spalding - Art, Design & Code
Ross Manthorp - Code & Design
Sam Cumming - Music, Design & Code

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