Find Bob

Dear Bob You have been selected from all the candidate Bob's for the most important mission. As a dependent B.O.B (Beneficiary Obligated Body) you must work to assist the B.O.B (Bureau of Bob) in finding Bob. Locate your desk at the B.O.B and commence reviewing the tapes we have of Bob. You aim is to locate Bob so that the freedom of all Bob's can be secured. When the Bob's stop moving, you can help B.O.B find Bob. In a world where everyone is Bob, how can Bob be innocent? Thanks Bob
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Comic Book Colours
No retreat, no surrender!
One hand tied behind my back
To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Dear Bob,

In order to Bob your way through the experience that is Find Bob. To be the best Bob you can be, run the Unity Launcher and then you will be able to commence.

During the experience a mouse is key Bob. Wait until Bob has stopped then tell us who is Bob.

Q - will quit the game Bob

R - will return to the menu Bob

Thanks Bob



Bob: Gerard Delaney - Code, Audio and Design. Twitter @verbvirus

Bob: Emre Deniz - Art and Design. Twitter @emre_c_deniz


(I uploaded source

Menu Music: "Phoenix"  by Circus Marcus Source:

Some sounds:

Game Stills: