Fatal Smarties

Uh-oh, the occultic ritual-performing locals have taken things out of control, and they've caused a timeloop of never-ending days of ritual! Take your two hillbilly heroes in their homemade flippercopter and try your best to repel the demonic waves of evil! Your ship is commanded by two players, one flies, the other shoots. You must work together to blast those hellish critters back to kingdom come, and confront the giant guardian hellbeast leading the charge. You keep going until your player dies (you can survive one shot for five seconds and return to normal, but if you're shot again during this period, you both die!)
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
Story Mode
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Technology Notes: 
Needs a Genesis/Mega Drive emulator to run. Can be used on a real working Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console, provided you have the means to transfer to a cartridge. NOTE: Only tested on PAL machines. NTSC machines are untested, and may possibly be bugged.

Design & Code - Mike Tucker

Code - Matt Cope

Art - Jon Davies

Music - Mike Clark

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