Encyclopedia Demonica: Volume I

This special message from Split Polygon is interrupted by our sponsors: Jan & Barrie's This special message form our sponsors is interrupted. JEZUS CHRIST IS THAT A DEMON HOLY SH*T, SOMEBODY CALL THE -ARGHG CCGGGG This call may be recorded for the purpose of improving our customer service. You will now be transferred to one of our operators. *Hello this is 911, what is your emergency?* -YEAH, Hi, this is weird, my neighbour, Greg, he's been chanting mystic runes all night long!- *Sorry, sir, what is the emergency?* -He's like summoned this demon thing, it's rampaging through the flower beds!- *A what?* -A big f*cking huge ass monstrosity from the ninth circle of hell lady!- *Do you require medical assistance sir?* -I require the goddamn US army to come in guns blazing!- *I don't understand sir, please explain, what exactly is your emergency?!* -Okay, real short, weirdo next door, screams all day, huge flaming monster! Help pls- *Is this some kind of sick jo-AARHHHH a abomination from beyond, god help us all!* ~Thus we pray to our lord Cthulhu!~
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MS Windows


Leroy Sikkes

Paul Mertens


Joost Meulenkamp

Alexander Immerzeel

Jimm van den Bergh


Victor den Appel


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