emperor shoutypants

Pick a topic and shout as loud as you can about it for 30 seconds. The person that yells the most will be crowned the new emperor! Any similarities to current political discourse are entirely coincidental.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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The game client is merely a tool for keeping track of the timer, the current player's score, and the chosen topic. The real fun comes from turning the experience into an improvisational performance game. You can create your own preferred set of rules to go along with the basic functionality provided by the client, but here are a few suggestions: (1) Play in front of a crowd with a "debate moderator" running things. (2) Any number of people can compete to become the emperor. Each player gets one turn, and the player that earns the most points wins! (3) Before a player's turn begins, the moderator should ask the crowd to suggest a new topic. The moderator will choose one of these suggestions and type it in to the topic box. (4) When the player is ready, the moderator will click the screen to start the timer. (5) The moderator can click the screen to end the turn early and cut the current player off if they stray too far from the chosen topic.
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This game uses microphone input, so you will need to allow the web browser to access your mic. If the game isn't letting you advance past the setup screen, it's because it is unable to access your mic. Make sure you have a mic connected, and if you still can't proceed then try running the game in a different browser.


Created by Jamey Stevenson.

Icons made by Delapouite, Lorc and sbed. Available on game-icons.net.

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