Don't Do That!

You're a wizard in your kitten-infested library, trying to complete a ritual. To achieve it, you will blow up kittens, turn them into slugs and collect items to complete the ritual. But don't let the cats get too near, they're freaking annoying. Download for Mac:
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Unity A* Pathfinding Project asset for pathfinding - A mix of iTween and LeanTween for tweens
Installation Instructions: 


Start the .exe file inside the zip.


Download the OS X version from and play the application inside.


Stay tuned for the Linux build by visiting the GitHub repository, or build it from source with Unity (5.3.0 or 5.3.2 recommended).


The web player (Play now!) version may receive a few updates compared to the executable downloadable from this site (GGJ version), and the repository on GitHub will feature the latest version of the game. Updates will mainly contain more detailed play instructions, bug fixes and gameplay balance.

Playing instructions

- On the main menu, set the difficulty between 2 and 12 to define the number of ingredients to gather to win
- During the game, move by left-clicking on a free spot in the library
- Move near an ingredient to pick it. All ingredients are placed on rune circles.
- Use the SLOW spell by pressing 1 or left-clicking on the snail icon. In the updated version, you may also press S
- Use the SLEEP spell by pressing 2 or left-clicking on the ZZZ icon. In the updated version, you may also press D
- Use the DECOY spell by left-clicking on the mouse icon or by right-clicking on the position you want to place the decoy at. In the updated version, you may also press 3 or F
- Use the BOMB spell by pressing 3 (GGJ version only) or left-clicking on the bomb icon. In the updated version, you may also press 4 or G


Martin Gebske - Game Design/VFX

Martin Beierling - Lead Programmer

Huu Long - Additional Programmer

Thi Hong Duong (koyo) Do - 2D Artist

Johannes Freimuth - 3D Artist

Max(-Michael) Klostermann - Music & Sound

Game Stills: