Dollar Auction Game - The New Social Media Generation

A dollar bill is auctioned with these two rules: 1. (As in any auction) the dollar bill goes to the highest bidder, who pays whatever the high bid was. Each new bid has to be higher than the current high bid, and the game ends when there is no new bid within a specified time limit. 2. (Unlike at Sotheby’s!) the second-highest bidder also has to pay the amount of his last bid – and gets nothing in return. You really don’t want to be the second-highest bidder. The current "bidding fee auction method" is not compatible with "team play feature", and therefore not compatible with social media. We fix this historic game and make it legitimate again.
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One hand tied behind my back
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows Phone, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii
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Enchant.JS, Game Salad (Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad), Intel XDK, Play Canvas, PlayStation Mobile, Unity (any product)


None of the currently running bidding sites are compatible with social media: (current Bidding Fee Auction method is not compatible with bidding group formation)

Team play: It is strictly forbidden to bid in the same auction with your family members, friends, or acquaintances. Any attempts at this type of collusion may make other bidders feel like they're not bidding on a level playing field.

A Registered User has the right to be notified if the Company concludes he has been guilty of Collusion. He has the right to be told why the Company believes he has colluded and why. He also has the Right to dispute the Company's claim using the procedure set out in Section 10.5 (Disputing Company's Claim of Collusion).

You may not participate in collusion with other users. QuiBids reserves the right to permanently close the accounts of users suspected of collusion. If Your account has been closed due to suspicion of collusion, You will no longer be entitled to refunds for Your purchases on QuiBids.



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