Demon Days

Life is too short for bad coffee. Especially if you are a potato-shaped demon in hell. Join the spud of darkness in this fast paced action game. Brew coffee. Torture Steve. Keep up to date on Deaddit. Answer the summons of your followers. Lay waste to the surface dwellers. Watch out for the avenging angels who wants to keep you in hell forever!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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How to play:
Complete your rituals below ground and answer summons' above ground. To travel to the overworld, gather energy by completing your daily demon rituals. Once you're above ground, you can answer the summons of mortals and kill their targets. But don't kill anybody who isn't a target, or else demon hunters will show up and take away your energy, banishing you back underground!

*Best played with an Xbox controller.
Key conversions for PC:
A: Space - Jump
B: Left-Alt - Attack (use this to kill targets.)
X: Left-Shift - Action (use this to complete your rituals and answer summons.)
Y: Z - Teleport (use this to travel between the underworld and the overworld.)


Richard Gubb: Head Programmer, Unity Expert, Core Game Play Logic, Intergration
Gaston Iglesias: Programmer, Asset management, Game Design, UI, Debugging

Rhiannon Nee-Salvador: Chief Artist, Art Director, Story Design, 'City Scape' Level Design, Character Art

Game Designer 
Emma Cameron: Environment designs for Sky and Hell

Music: Composed by Jeff Dunn 
Sound Fx: Jason Foord 

Rhiannon Nee-Salvador 

Environment Hell: Emma Cameron
Environment Mid-ground 'City Scape': Rhiannon Nee-Salvador 
Environment Sky: Emma Cameron

Furniture Art: Emma Cameron

Character Art: Rhiannon Nee-Salvador 
Character Art 'Spud Demon': Rhiannon Nee-Salvador

Castle Textures: Alun David Bestor:

Game Developed in Unity 5
Game Graphics in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Game Stills: