Deity Doolhof

We live in a world custodied by the gods and one particular finds fun when we kill each other. He always select two persons and he leads them to the labyrinth and forces them to kill for his personal enjoyment. This God always participates in the killing.. We can never hurt him as much as we try, for this reason we have stop trying and we just concentrate on trying to survive in this hellish ritual-.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Installation Instructions: 

How to start the game:

On WINDOWS System:

- Go to Win64
- Execute NW.exe
- Enjoy ;)

On MAC System:

- Go to osx64
- We don't have mac. If you have, you know how to install :P
- Enjoy ;)

On LINUX system:

- Choose linux64 based on your system.
- Launch nw (probably you need to give executions as a program)
- Enjoy ;)

Both player use a joystic, so you need to connect your XBOX, PS or SuperNintendo control to your PC.

Best Regards and have a happy game :)

Blue Squares... Future Game Studio ;  )


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