Dead End Job

Welcome to Necro-Town, home of the world famous Necro-Factory (TM), where all the world's necromancers operate on brand, spanking re-animations. What's dead is new again! Perform daily rituals with Todd, Todd, Todd, and Todd, your purple cloth necro-henchmen. Actually, Necro-Factory (TM) only employs Todd, with the "soul" intention of re-animating more undead Todds. Help Todd and co by DRAGGING fancy necromancy-ingredients like eyeballs and zombie hands onto the world-famous RITUAL ALTAR (Patent Pending). Get the right ingredients and summon Todd to earn points. Mismatch and fail the ritual for less points. WATCH OUT for BOMBS though. If you don't dispose of a bomb quickly enough, they'll blow up, taking out the entire Necro-Factory (TM). It's a tough life for Todd and Todds. You might call it... a DEAD END JOB!
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One hand tied behind my back
LEGO got it right
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Run a web server in todd/. Point your browser there.



Jon Chew

Nancy Huang

Frank Yan


Nick ("The Professor") Irvine

Tyler Young


The whole team :)


Jeremy Lim

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