保衛森林之母,來對抗人類。 跳舞祈求可以讓樹精長大,並且去對抗人類。 但過度的祈求,反而會讓樹精們暴走失控,把小土著們吃掉。 玩家必須要聊天室輸入和樹精相對應的字母,才能使他們成長。 例如:如果樹精的上方寫著"A",你需要輸入"-tree a",那麼樹精A就會增加一個數字去成長。 右上角的數字代表場景上樹精的總和字數,必須在這個數字的範圍內去使樹精成長。 To protect the forest from the human. You can make the plants grow up to attack the human. If you make the plants grow up successfully, they will attack the human. Or, if you make the plants grow up too much, they will instead eat you. You need to key in the alphabet the plants on the chatroom to make them grow up. For example: If the alphabet is"A", you need to key in "-tree a", then the internal count of tree A will add one. (You can also key in something like "-tree aabb") There is a number on the right top, it means the total of the plants, also it is the range of the numbers.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Programmer : Bladekyo Dan , IDer , さだはる つ

Artist : Li Guo-an , 幽瀴玥

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