Clumsy Cult

This game about clumsy cultists who trying to summon different demons. Player helps our clumsy cultists by drawing occult symbols. But some problems can occured while they perform the ritual. Player has to solve a problem to be able to draw symbols. Here are problems and solutions that player can meet: 1. Some candles can go out. Player should tap on all extinguished candles at the same time. 2. Candles can gyrate. Player should gyrate them back by two-finger rotation gesture. 3. Any cultist can fire up. Player should blow to iPad microphone. 4. Sleepy cultist can fall asleep. You need shout at him. 5. The neighbors of our clumsy cultists can start listen to loud music. Use volume button on the your device to make music quieter. 6. The TV can turn on. Player should hide application using iPad home button (or 5-fingers gesture). 7. The door can open. Rotate your device to close door using gravity. 8. The giant dreadful spider can appears on your screen. Use shake gesture to get rid of him. 9. The mom of one cultist can phone him suddenly. Try to skip this call using swipe down. 10. The demonic eye can occure on the floor. Use pinch to zoom gesture to close it. 11. The cat can suddenly teleport on the pentagram and become demonic. Take it and put on chair. 12. The satan bear can occure at the window. Tap several times on him to expel. There are 2 ends in our game. The bad end if ritual bar arrive left end (where The Death is displayed). In this case all cultist start being fired up. So player need to start level again. If player succeed in drawing symbols and ritual bar achieve right end (with Demon) then Demon will occure. On the first level cultists are trying to summon succubus.
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We used Sprite Kit framework to develop this game.
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Use xCode to install game

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