Circle of Hell

You are the circle. Yes. Your character is the evil circle on its way to hell. It's a one button game, and you can grow by adding more members to your circle on your way.
Jam year: 
No retreat, no surrender!
One hand tied behind my back
To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
...made with Unity

Christian Afonso (Code)
Johanna Pirker (Code)
Mac Krebernik (Design)
Mattias Link (Code)
Max Reumüller (Design)
Rainer Angermann (Code)
Stefan Putzinger (Audio)

Game Stills: 
Source files: