The Chant

Flying Funky Tribal Alien Dudes & Dudesses zap around in space with their UFO's and chant to put out volcanoes wherever they find them! At least that's the idea... Chant is a crowd sourced game which relies on chanting as loudly as possible. For maximum experience, the game must be played with many people, so you may just watch the video we (will) upload. The game formula is simple: 1. Gather friends 2. Find volcano (the game comes with one) 3. Chant what the chieftain says 4. Put out volcano 5. Repeat process An experience for crowds, brought to you by Oğuz, Erdin, Ahmet, Burak, Okan, Gürkan & Gül. Detailed Intstructions: - When the game begins you will see the chieftain will say silence. Keep your silence and press T. - Then you will see chieftain ordering you the scream. Press T and shout as loud as you can. - Game begins. - You can activate attack mode by saying "A (uh)" or defense mode by saying "i (eh)". - In attack mode you need to chant keeping up the rhythm of the tribe. - In defense mode you need to shout continuously to escape from the rocks that the volcano throws you. - If you can do it properly you can put out the volcano. If you can't (and most probably this will be the case) Volcano will put you out!
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