Cauldron of Elements

CAULDRON OF ELEMENTS is a real NES 8-BIT single-player prototype! Match the falling Elements on your Cauldron to keep the ritual going. But be careful: it is not as easy as it would seem at first! Simply use the Left/Right arrows and survive for as long as you can! The game ended up way simpler than I planned it to be, specially graphically speaking. Had some unexpected events during the GGJ weekend so got less time that planned (less then 24hs). Then I focused on the core mechanic so it would be possible to upload something functional, at least. But I will probably keep working on the game in the future!
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USED TOOLS: • Text Editor: Sublime Text 2 • Graphic Editor: NES CHR Editor • NES Compiler: nesasm3 • NES Emulator: Nestopia
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- Left/Right: Move/Morph the falling Element

- Down: Speeds the falling down

- Select: Reset the game on GameOver (if you made the wrong match)


• Adrian Laubisch (Game Design, Code, Art)

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