Cabalist is a shooter where player has to keep his acolytes and himself save inside a magic shield meanwhile they try to recover every item so as to complete their ritual. Controls Shoot - Left Click Expand Shield - Space bar WASD - Move around HITS Acolytes provide you energy and they will pick up the necessary items for the ritual. Keep them safe! Save energy!! This will let you expand your shield and keep your acolytes safe and sound. Take advantage of the scenario. Shield will let you push enemies off the terrain and send them downward the cliff.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Our team has created an IA spawn system so as to not overwhelming the player with huge waves of enemies near to him. It has been designed a square around the player that counts the shoots during a cycle and, depending on where is the hot spots (in which side of the squere), system will spawn a given amount of enemies (less shoots, more enemies; more shoots, less enemies) in the opposite side of the hot spot. This way the pace of the game will assure having sometimes relaxing moments and others of intensity.

Code - Alejandro García

Code - Daniel 

Art - Victoria Martín

Design - David Osorio