Humanity is on the brink of destruction Within the ruins of Citrullion some holy papers from the past have been discovered lately and the elder say that this is the only hope to bring them all together to complete the ritual for the salvation of human kind. With the help of an ancient starship code named: C6H13N3O3, a relentless expedition has been launched to find the very key to the ultimate problem. As the game starts, player must gather the right kind of spheres in order to combine them and then be able to jump to the next phase of collect & combine variables. The ship is controlled by pinch zoom, free from anything but the leverage of the ship. As the player achieves every new kind of level, the game awards the gameplay as various rewards such as health boost. For every level, there are new sets of difficulties: accelerated game speed and such. Help them on the way to find the very solution to extinction for this is their only hope.
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
To infinity and beyond!
iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
aktos-dcs - a distributed control system library - is used for the communication of the distributed processes of the game. Game is designed to be massively multiplayer and distributed (eg. a game user interface can be run on a computer, health of gamer can be shown on a led panel display, sounds can be played on another computer, etc...). ZeroMQ, gevent, Qt with PySide, Pygame, aktos-dcs and Unity is used in total.
Installation Instructions: 

1) Unzip all files under directory GGJ_c6h13n3o3

2) Follow README.md in aktos-dcs
3) Start algorithm.py in ggj-enzyme-game-backend
4) Start soundTest.py in in ggj-enzyme-sound
5) Start gui-sim.py in ggj-enzyme-game-qt-gui

6) Install project under "build" in GGJ_Space01_Unity via xCode


Story, Sound and Concept Art: Kerem Güman

Programmer: Beyza Hilal Durak, Efe Can İçöz, Mesut Evin, Cerem Cem Aslan

Level Designer: Kerem Güman, Beyza Hilal Durak

Game Stills: 
Source files: