Bread and Circuses

Bring glory to Rome. Or burn it down. In this co-op deckbuilding game, players take the role of patrician families in Republican Rome. Conduct rituals to maintain the peace and prosperity, and collect Glory to Rome. If the players manage to save Rome from an ever-growing list of Problems, the player with the highest victory points will triumph over their rivals. Will you seek popularity among the people to further your own political ends, or strive to exemplify civic virtue? Can you keep Rome from burning down around your heads?
Jam year: 
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
Cards were assembled with nanDeck.

Initial Design by Isaac Karth

Additional Design and much help by Brandon Jacobs

Playtesting by:

  • Ma’idah Lashani
  • JD Cragg
  • Shayne Guiliano
  • Luke Tannenbaum
  • Hunter Chen
  • James Tiller
  • Brandon Jacobs

​Cards use images from the Noun Project by Timur Zima, Vectors Market, aguycalledgary, Olivlu Stoian, and Renee Ramsey-Passmore, used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International (CC BY 3.0) license.

Source files: