Boogie Bird

Boogie Bird is fixed on the most important task of all, to dance until his feathers drop. He is determined to woo all of the lady birds with his amazing dance skills. Boogie Bird is a front view dancing game where the player can take control over a dancing bird. The joysticks control the wing positions, the triggers bend the bird to the sides, and the bumpers make the bird lean forward or backward. Tracking input encourages the player to stay creative, and come up with a number of dance moves to perform. To get the best possible score, and stay in “The Zone” players have to combine button and joystick input without mashing buttons or repeating input.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires an Xbox360 Controller to be Played (perhaps XboxOne works to, did not test).
Installation Instructions: 

The project source files can be openened if Unity 5.3+ is installed.


The Executable is a .exe Open BoogieBird.exe it and use a Gamepad to control the game.

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