Blood Carnage

Blood Carnage is a furious free for all combat game. The players embody fierce demons in a intense fight for glory and blood. Just the the most deserving will survive!
Jam year: 
Crowd Sourced
Story Mode
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

At least 1 control are needed to play (Keyboard does not count and cannnot be used to play)


Jose (a.k.a. Xito) de la Torre Chamorro - Programmer

Pablo Aguilar Solo - Programmer

Ángel Arenas Civantos - Artist

Javier (a.k.a. SonOfMetal) Rojo Moreno - Artist

Fernando (a.k.a. Fibrizo) Rojas Sánchez  - Programmer

Antonio (a.k.a. samus_nightmare) Rodriguez Lopez - Programmer

Jose Luis Herrero Acevedo - Music

Game Stills: