Bedtime Defence

A toddler might be scared of the monsters, but not Anya! She's ready to face the monsters to protect herself and her family. We hope that this game also speaks metaphorically to adults since our life challenges makes us who we are! Meet monsters, find clues, banish monsters. Hint: The order of monster banishing tricks is important!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser and HTML5
Installation Instructions: 

General: Best to visit the alternative link posted below.

General, alternative: host the game on your own http server.

Winows: Run the "run.bat" script file to start the game.  The terminal that opens currently requires that you type: 80 <enter> y <enter> before starting.



Megha Sharma: Level design, concepts and writing

Check out my portfolio at

Jonathan Heard: Programming, concepts, cutscene artwork and writing

Check out my portfolio at

Juliann Duquette: Concepts

Note: This game uses artwork from the public domain. All artwork is attributed within the game.


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