"The stars and planets are almost in alignment. The cult is ready to sacrifice all of it's members to summon the demon Bane in their crazed rituals. The Investigators are poised to stop them with all the power they have at their disposal. Two forces must clash to find out who wins." BANE is a one-versus-many board game where one player is the Cult and the others are the Investigators. The Cult's Goal is to summon the demon Bane whilst the stars are still aligned, and the investigators must hinder them until they can no longer perform the ritual. This is a hidden movement game, in which the Investigators must use the Cult's inventory/resouce trail to deduce their area or position in order to successfully hinder them. This is a game about being incredibly sneaky! Thanks to Thomas Moorhouse for digitising the game!
Jam year: 
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
WE LIKE PAPER, also: Paint Tool Sai, GIMP and PHOTOSHOP <3
Installation Instructions: 

This is a Print and Play game!

You should have:

4 Investigator Pieces

1 Turn Marker (Cultist piece)

20 Red Resource markers

20 Green Resource Markers

20 Blue Resource Markers

5 Red Resource Markers

5 Black Resource Markers



In Print and Play:


60 Summon Cards

24 Ritual Cards

4 Investigator Cards

1 Cultist Card

4 Investigator Action Cards

1 Cultist Action Card

1 Cultist Reference Map

Game Stills: 
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