Baked Potatoes!

The four tribes of potatoes (Sweet, Purple Petite, Fingerlings, Russett) are threatened every year by a natural disaster, the evil meteor. Each tribe must pray to achieve their shield, but there must be a sacrifice. Don't be the last tribe or disaster will strike your tribe. 16 players are separated to four teams and when the game and main song starts, the first player of each team start playing a rhythm game on their phone while the rest of the players cheer them on watching the main screen. As the song continues, the phones of the second player to each team will start a rhythm game while the first players can watch the main screen and cheer them on. The game ends when three tribes successfully activate their prayer shields in time, while the fourth tribe is decimated by the meteor. At the end, awards will be announced for players with the most points, perfects, and highest combos.
Jam year: 
Crowd Sourced
Companion screen
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Additional Plugins: Photon Unity Networking (Free)

Team: This Team:

Kyle Bishop - Network Programming All-star

Luis Brito - Artist

Alex Estep - Artist

Andrea Nakamura - Artist

Daniel Streicher - Programmer

Kenny Tindal - Musician

Game Stills: