Backwords is a party game where you and your teammates pray to pagan gods by repeating certain words... backwards. Your team has 90 seconds per turn to decipher as many backwards words as possible, and pray them to the gods before they get angry! Whichever team has the most points when the prayer circle is complete wins!
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
One hand tied behind my back
Tools and Technologies: 
Game Salad (Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad)
Technology Notes: 
Used Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet management
Installation Instructions: 

•Download and install GameSalad Creator (for Mac, software not cross-compatible)

•Open "Backwords.gameproj" in GameSalad Creator

•Deploy to iPhone (requires GameSalad subscription.  Preview on iPhone requires GameSalad Viewer from App Store and same Wi-Fi network on computer and iPhone.)




•Unzip the "Backwords" file

•Browse for the README.txt and LAUNCHME.html files

•Open "LAUNCHME.html" to preview game in default browser


Kevin Rogers - Girafficorn Apps

Source files: