Aur Rising

Aur is one of the few young men chosen to be ceremonial combatants in the year's harvest duels. Each chosen would battle another in a series of fights that would end with one left standing and showing fealty to their guardian god. As Aur, you the player will choose how to build Aur to his final form by training to improve your choice of stats and build camaraderie with your fellow trainees. Will you become the champion that will please your god? Do you have the heart to finish your duty?
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Google Drive, Unity Asset Store items - Tribal Village Pack, Heart, Campfire, 2D Dialogue
Installation Instructions: 

NOTE: Game is in unfinished state.  Only shows a conversation scene and allows some character movement.

Download the zip.
To play, just double click the exe.
Click Start on the main menu.
WASD for movement.



Story and Intro: Michael Wolf, Wayne Sung

Dialogue and Script: Wayne Sung

Producer: Wayne Sung

Programmer: Michael Wolf

Combat Design: Michael Wolf

Audio: John Schwander

2D Concept: John Schwander

3D Layout and Intro Title: John Schwander

3D Artist: Matthew Newman

Game Stills: